Innovation and a focus on delivering nutritious Basmati to our customers are the keys to our success.

Advanced Paddy Processing Plant

Bansal adopts some of the most advanced processing equipment that are extremely efficient. The Basmati rice is trucked from rice storage facilities to our paddy processing plants from Buhler, Germany for end-to-end processing from cleaning to dehusking, sizing, polishing, grading, and packaging. 

The end results are a selection of premium brown rice, raw rice, steamed rice, white parboiled rice, and golden parboiled rice.

The processing plant has processing capabilities of 500 metric tons of paddy per day


Advanced Rice Processing Plant

By–products from the growing and processing of rice create many valuable new products, including husks, rice stubble, rice bran, broken rice and rice straw.

With a processing capacity of 250 metric tons of finished per day, the plant identifies these rice-by-products, separates undersize or oversize grains, as well as de-stoning to remove stones and heavy impurities from grains to reveal the purest, perfectly graded rice.


We acquire the rice paddy through auctions. The rice is further contacted by our expert and well-experienced farmers.

Quality Control

Quality control plays an essential role in ensuring in-depth quality check at every point to realize error-free sourcing, input of paddy, finished goods, packaging, sealing containers and fumigation.

Smart Grain Storage Silos With Large Capacity

Freshly harvested unmilled basmati rice are transported to our paddy storage Silos from Brock, USA, where segregation occurs according to variety.

With a storage capacity of 15,000 tons of rice and 80,000 tons of paddy, the silos are fitted with computer-linked sensors that monitor grain storage conditions, keep the rice at a suitable temperature and moisture level.

Smart Grain Storage Silos With Large Capacity